What We Do

Supporting people through bereavement, grief and loss.

Bereavement happens across all spectrums of life and so our services are geared to a variety of different people and it is our hope that we can support as many people as possible, meeting them wherever they are in their grief journey. 

We have a number of groups and 1:1 support projects that enable us to help people dealing with bereavement. Often the most difficult step is the first one which is why we take a friendly and relaxed approach to everything we do, creating a comfortable and safe space for people to share, grow and heal.

Our Services

Supporting adults, children and young people through bereavement, grief and loss

Drop In Bereavement Support

Bereavement Cafe’ drop in support is every Saturday morning 10.30am – 12.30pm.

NB. Due to COVID19, this service may be affected. Please contact us to find out more.ever

School Bereavement Support

We offer 1:1 Bereavement, Grief and Loss support within the school environment during term time, in a completely safe space. This service is only available via referral.

NB. Due to COVID19, this service may be affected. Please contact us to find out more.

Bereavement by Suicide Support

Support to feel less alone and isolated. This is held once a month. Please contact us for date, time and venue details.

This service is currently suspended 

Groups for Bereaved Children

Every 6 weeks the children (and their parents/carers) we support in schools will be invited to join us for pizza, hot dogs for a craft session.

This is an informal support group where children and their parents can meet others who have also experienced bereavement, grief and loss to support each other and form friendships.

These sessions will include craft work, painting sewing, making a memory /feelings jar, memory box, mosaic hearts etc.

Men & Grief Support

A peer led Support and Information group to help men who are struggling with bereavement and grief.

We are still operating a  1:1 service however the drop in service has been incorporated with the Bereavement Café that is held every Saturday.

Various activities available including the  opportunity to join Walking Football, Walk & Talk, Carpet Bowls, Woodworking and Art if interested.


NB. Due to COVID19, this service may be affected. Please contact us to find out more.


Just to say thanks to Sue for being there for me when I needed help.


In response to a question about the difference Prism had made to their life:

“I’m no longer thinking of ending my life”


I have found after being able to talk to someone that I have learnt how to cope much better.


Invaluable service, I am very thankful that I had this support. I was able to get support quickly after being referred to them, and has helped me so much. Professional and friendly service


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